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Accelerated Reader Top Choices

Accelerated Reader Top Choices

"I really enjoyed the Explorer because all their moods changed while being stranded and as they explored new things. It was a bit of a mystery, action and an exploring book. I like how there were clues to how they get home!”


"Billionaire Boy has a lot of plots and when you read pages you just want to read more and more! I really enjoyed it because he was a rich kid but surprisingly he wanted to be a normal kid.”


"I thought this book was good because there were lots of intense moments and it was a bit scary – especially when the man was in the garage! I loved it when they saw the owls and when they helped Skellig.” 

"I really enjoyed Timmy Failure because it was funny because of everything that happened to him. He also tried to save up money for buying a building that was for sale. He also lost his house and had to live in a flat.”


"I loved learning about the world of Narnia. There were a lot of cliffhangers, especially at the end, and a lot of twists, turns and mystery.”