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Attendance will be a big focus of our school improvement this year. No matter how good the teaching is in school, if our children don’t arrive in school they don’t learn. Getting into school on time each day means the children maximise their learning and develop good routines. 

Attendance Awards - October 2022

A huge congratulations to all of the children who achieved our target of 95% attendance in the first half term!

Our attendance target is 95% for each class.


Every week that a class has over 95%, they earn an 'Attendance Star'.

Once that class has earned 10 Attendance Stars, they can choose a reward afternoon - and the children get to choose the reward!

This could be: a visit out somewhere, like the park for sports; a cinema afternoon with popcorn; or maybe something else they decide on.


There will also be individual awards in school each half term to recognise children’s high attendance.

Please ensure you support your child by helping them to arrive every day on time. If your child is too ill to attend, please call the office so we are aware of the reason for absence and when your child is expected to return.